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FODI serves multiple industries including aerospace, defense, medical, government, and industrial markets. Our focus is on reliability and safety, that's why our customers choose us to produce their most demanding products. Fighter pilot anti-g suits that must inflate on demand and hold pressure, hazardous material suits that must keep deadly chemicals out, UAV fuel bladders that must not leak, and vacuum locking cushions for the medical industry that must hold vacuum. Our customers partner with us because they trust us to make their products safe, reliable, and perform to the highest standards.


FODI produces a number of medical devices and products that are either sewn, sealed, or both. Products include vacuum lock cushions used for positioning patients for imaging exams, compression garments, and environmental control products to accelerate the healing process.


FODI Technology offers a comprehensive suit of products and services to help build your product or solution into production. Our Aerospace Solutions Include: Engineering Services Product development Fabrication of resources


 FODI produces many of the demanding Mil-Spec soft goods (sewn products) and air holding or polymer film products that are used in today’s defense industry. These include dry gear products for Army ground forces as well as fighter pilot anti-G suits for the Air Force

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