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Dikiş makinesi

Commercial Products Manufacturer

FODI Technology offers a comprehensive suit of products and services to help build your product or solution into active production.

Our Commercial Solutions Include:

  • Engineering services

  • Product development

  • Fabrication of resources

  • Integration support

Types of Products Manufactured:

  •  Hazmat Suits and other PPE

  •  Fuel bladders

  • Oil Bladders

  • Cargo bags and Backpacks

  • PVC Bags (including with Valve if needed)

  • Air Wedge Inflatables for Autos

  • Large Environmental Containment Covers for Rotors, Engines, & Turbines

  • PVC Corners for Shower Drain Pan Containment

  • Custom Industrial Sewn and RF Welded Products


FODI helps companies develop and produce a variety of different commercial products. We have proved our expertise by successfully working in many different industries; extreme sports, automotive, cosmetics, apparel, and home furnishings. We can develop special components or pieces needed to bring your different visions to form.

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