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About Fodi Technology

Fodi Technology is a leading manufacturer of highly reliable custom manufactured textile and TPU film products since 2018. Industries served include government, aerospace, defense, industrial, and medical. Whatever your custom needs may be, we have the expertise, resources and technology to create your vision.


What sets us apart from the competition?

  •  Short Lead Times
    Our processes typically require very simple tooling allowing for quick turnaround on development of first articles and fast production startup resulting in the shortest possible lead times.

  •  Customer support services
    Whether you need on site integration support, Engineering R&D, or manufacturing service, FODI is here to assist.

  •  High reliability
    FODI has been producing high reliability products since its inception. The first Hazardous Material suit used to clear chemical weapons was manufactured in 2018. You can trust FODI with your high reliability products.


Leading Contract Manufacturer of RF Welded Products

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