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RF Welding & RF Sealing

Hot plate welding method

Hot plate welding technology is a welding technology that directly or indirectly transfers thermal energy to the surface of a thermoplastic plastic product to raise the surface of the product to be welded to the melting point, pressurize, cool, and join.






























Hot staking welding method

Hot staking welding is a technology that allows thermoplastics to be combined with the same material or with different dissimilar materials.
It is a welding technology that joins two products by melting and pressing a stud or boss formed with a heated heat tip, then cooling it.







Indirect heat welding technology

dopting high-power SMPS, heat is transferred to the welding surface quickly and accurately.
It provides uniform welding quality with short warm-up time and low influence of the welding environment.
It prevents abrasion or damage to the hot plate due to indirect heating and has little thermal deformation on the surface of the product, so it is suitable to produce products with excellent appearance quality.

High-power SMPS(Switched-Mode Power Supply)

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